Beta reading application

Writing a book is such an all-consuming process, you often end up not being able to see the forest for the trees. 

I will soon need some fresh eyes to give me feeback on the draft of Hook your audience - how educational presenters use performing skills to captivate their learners. The book focusses on how to deliver interactive presentations for school and family audiences. 

Every beta reader who returns significant feedback within the two-week deadline will receive an ebook of the text and my sincere gratitude.


  • you give interactive presentations in a visitor attraction/ outreach organisation as a career, or you train staff to deliver public engagement/ outreach as part of their job;
  • you are available during a two week period, likely to be in July 2020, to read two allocated chapters of the book and give feedback;
  • you are prepared to be brutally honest, to make the book as effective as possible.

There's realistically only so much feedback I can take on board - so, if I receive I large number of applications, I will select beta readers to get the best balance across experience levels, sectors and countries. I will let you know if you've been successful or not by the end of June, at the latest.

Application form

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