Hook your audience 
(volume 1)
- how educational presenters use performing skills to captivate their learners*

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If you give presentations in a visitor attraction or outreach organisation, how do you get and keep the attention of your learners?

The reality is that nobody has to listen to you.

This book curates a toolkit of engagement techniques from those working in other performing arts (e.g. magicians, stand-ups, street performers, actors, improvisers and children’s entertainers) for educational presenters. Each tool is explored in its own chapter - character, liveness, expressing emotions, audience interaction, questions, volunteers and humour.

Whilst many of the hooks should be familiar to experienced informal educators, they have not been collated together before nor organised in the helpful structure of a toolkit of techniques. The aim of the toolkit is to help presenters reflect more deeply on how they engage their school and family audiences in interactive presentations.

*This is a working title and a provisional cover - as ever, I'm open to any feedback and suggestions about them.

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